Who are we?


SURFACEPREP has evolved over the past 30 years in the surface preparation and coating industry. Based in Kent we are committed to solving the tasks associated with the industry using the latest machinery available in the world today. As a company, we are always researching new and economical solutions to the preparation of surfaces and application of products with safety, the environment & speed as a benchmark.

Not all Surface Preparation Equipment is the same. We use equipment that is the most technically advanced in the world reducing operation downtime and increasing productivity. By offering a range of alternatives for traditional methods, we can help lower costs and manage projects more effectively. Dry Ice Blasting or C02 Blasting, as well as Soda Blasting and Micro Media Blasting, are new and exciting processes. We try to eliminate the environmental problems associated with Abrasive Blast Cleaning, also reducing the possibility of surface substrate damage.

We specialise in cleaning oak timbers and beams in situ, removing paint, varnish or staining from aged oak or green oak. Some projects will require local authority consents from planning and conservation officers. We are familiar with the process of examination, test cleaning and reporting to ensure a successful application.