Green Oak Cleaning

Timber Frame


  • On completion, a new build timber frame construction in Guernsey had common aesthetic problems with the finish of the new oak.
  • Water marks, dirt soiling as well as black tannin stains that required specialist cleaning.
  • Our operatives carried out test green oak cleaning methods on the rough sawn oak timber framed home.
  • The method chosen after consultation with the owners was to use micro blast media. This method produced a uniform clean surface. The blast media is soft in composition, it cleans with little abrasion therefore not changing the profile of the green oak.
  • The new oak cleaning was completed successfully.
  • All of the unwanted detrimental surface contamination, tannin stains and water marks had gone.
  • The oak frame was now an even clean natural colour.
  • The whole of the green oak frame was vacuumed to remove embedded blast media dust and debris.
  • DURATION 5 days