Flour Mill Kent


  • Flour Mil Refurbishment – Kent
  • Our shot blasting services were invited to tender for the shot blasting and coating of heavily corroded steel beams.
  • The work area needed protection to stop debris entering the river system.
  • Our requirement was to shot blast all steelwork to remove rust to SA 2.5. by our ICATS trained shot blasters.
  • Hand and power tools were required in the first stages to remove the scale and cracking thick surface rust.
  • Mark and report any damaged steel areas to the client for repair.
  • Source cold cure paint system due to inclement and freezing conditions.
  • ICATS trained operatives airless sprayed shot blasted steel with agreed paint system.
  • Provide remedial works guide to main contractor.
  • The project was completed on time and within our budget.
  • DURATION: 15 days.