SANDBLASTING information


Open Shot blasting for Surface Preparation of steel is still a very efficient way to blast clean steel surfaces of rust, paint and old coatings to the SA standard required. Sometimes called grit blasting we employ air compressors up to 600 CFM and very heavy duty shot blast pots that are capable of very fast work rates meaning less disruption time for our clients. Very heavily corroded surfaces may need hand and or power tools initially then followed by Hodge Clemco J Blast abrasive to give the correct profile to accept the protective coating that will provide the perfect preparation. Suited best to steel structures such as bridges and the marine industry that makesclosed circuit shot blasting (dust free) impractical. Usually driven by compressed air self contained teams are highly mobile and can operate in hard to access areas, the operative working up to 50 meters from the blast unit. Really good results when shot-blastingsteel and concrete. Our shot blasters are fully trained in the use of grit blasting and media blasting machines.

In dust and debris sensitive areas ie Chanel Tunnel ConstructionVacuum Blasting of welds before inspection was the chosen method. Same standard of clean as open shot blasting also correct profile but without the dust and debris being thrown into the atmosphere.

As Surface Preparation Contractors for rapid shot blasting of large vertical or horizontal steel surfaces we choose to use the Blastrac shot blasting machines. Environmentally friendly and economic due to the recycling of the blast media with the added advantage of reduced noise and pollutants at the job site. When using Blastrac shot blasting equipment associated trades can continue to work in and around the work area reducing downtime for the project. These machines are totally shot blast dust and debris free with no waste to collect from the preparation area. Blastrax are shot blasting contractors experienced with blastrac equipment to shot blast floors, steel decks, and concrete floors.

Slurry Blasting If low dust emissions are essential on a heavy industrial surface cleaning application such as ships hull, shot blasting boats, internal tank cleaning or general steel refurbishment then slurry blasting is ideal. The abrasive is totally saturated in water within the system eliminating airborne dust particles from the surrounding work area. There is a reduction in abrasive usage giving good economy and a wash down feature for removing unwanted debris from the cleaned surface.

GREEN OAK CLEANING You may have a sawn finish or planed finish to your oak framed new build so there are choices to be made as to the finish you want.


Aged oak has a very hard surface but green oak is still in a softer state and susceptible to surface damage if not treated with care. For green oak blasting we have developed the correct machinery and cleaning media to remove staining from green oak and water marks from green oak to give a distinctive finish to sawn oak and also planed oak. Plastering can be undertaken before or after cleaning as our process will not damage new plastered areas between the green oak beams. Windows can be installed with suitable protection for glass and frames.

OAK CLEANING OR OAK BLEACHING WITH OXALIC ACID is usually only chosen if the slight disruption to the ultra smooth surface of planed wood is not acceptable. Cleaning oak with oxalic acid has some advantages and disadvantages but it is necessary to have enough knowledge to make the correct choice for a particular project.

DRY ICE BLASTING is a new process that eliminates the use of abrasives the cause of unwanted dust in the atmosphere it is unfortunately the most expensive. Small pellets of carbon dioxide known as dry ice are propelled at the surface of the oak beams cleaning quickly and thoroughly. The pellets return to a gaseous state upon impact leaving no residue or waste to pollute the surrounding work space. Blasting oak beams,removing old coatings or simply cleaning oak beams is now a process that can be undertaken without the problem of contaminants, large amounts of spent abrasive and the reassurance that dry ice blasting is a non abrasive process. Dry Ice Blasting is more costly than the other processes but it is possible to complete projects whilst still in residence with ease.

OAK RENOVATION IN KENT & SUSSEX any mechanical method of cleaning, whether it is hand or power tools or light blast cleaning will not produce the same results as hours with soapy water and a toothbrush, but we are aware of getting the very best results in terms of speed, and cost, but zero damage to the substrate is always our number 1 priority. If the conservation officer insists on a process not linked to any form of abrasive cleaning, hand or power tools or blast cleaning, however gentle, we can provide a chemical poultice system that is rather labour intensive and may need to repeated several times to get the desired results but is English HeritageNational Trustand the Building Conservation Trust approved. The results will depend on thickness of paint and type of coating to be removed and so test areas are always carried out.

Sandblasting – Soft Blast – Oak beams

SANDBLASTING is an old and out dated expression used to describe the method of propelling sand (sand is no longer legal) at a surface at high speed to rip off old paint or rust as fast as possible with no regard to the substrate. To modern companies like ours this is a world away from the highly specialised equipment and cleaning media that is available today. Fortunately professionals within the construction and conservation industry are now recognising the benefits of controlled pressure media cleaning. Using our methods we have carried out test clean areas on listed buildings throughout the country Kent, Sussex for conservation officers and completed thousands of SQM of successful cleaning projects for private individuals and large companies alike with great success in Kent and Sussex

Low pressure Abrasive blast cleaning using the correct pressures and abrasives is an excellent method of cleaning Oak Beams or period timbers in old or listed buildings. Sand Blasting timber frames to remove paint, or unwanted coatings from black painted oak beams that are old but in good condition can prove to be fast, economical, and without causing surface damage. The disadvantage of open sandblasting is the dust and debris and spent grit that is hard to contain so we would recommend that the project site be uninhabited. If this is not possible we have methods to contain the dust through sheeting and extraction systems.

EXPOSING OAK TIMBERS Sometimes the oak beams or hardwood timbers are only dirty after being exposed or have a light stain or varnish on the surface to be removed we would advise MICRO MEDIA SOFT CLEAN this type of air propelled media cleaning is similar only in the fact that it is technically still blast cleaning but at very low pressures, and low blast media volumes. Less dust and debris is produced and the surface is washed with cleaning media rather than stripping away a very fine layer from the surface. It is generally accepted that this method is the kindest of all air propelled cleaning systems available. We have the capability of removing paint from the surface of a drinks can without damage to the surface.

Blastrax received this recent email ‘The conservation officer did attend today and I am delighted to report that he was very complimentary about your test patches. He is, as a result happy for us to proceed with cleaning all exposed beams’.


Industrial Painting using paint spraying equipmentapplies protective coatings up to twenty times faster than a traditional roller, also producing a much better finish and uses less material. Fast and economical airless spraying  can be used on most applications. Mist Free paint spraying with no over spray saves time and money, no protection needed for the surrounding work areas, internal paint spraying and external paint coating. Project time reduced by up to 80%.

Airless Spray Technology has the ability to spray a variety of fluids from protective coatings to high performancecorrosion control coatings. Mist Free no over spray.

As Painting Contractors we are experienced in the fast application of paint and Protective Coatings for Rail, Tanks,Marine Corrosion control, ships and bridges, Farm and construction, General metal fabrication. The more extreme applications are Marine and shipbuilding, Offshore industry,Container manufacturing, Structural steel and corrosion protection. Tank and pipe coatings, fire retardant coatings andpaper mills.

Exterior Building Painting and all decorating jobs, particularly commercial buildings where a high application rate is required airless spray is the only choice, multiple guns can be used to speed up the project if required. Painting houses and buildings our pumps can handle all smooth decorative paints from stains and varnish, through gloss, primers, acrylics, vinyl emulsions to heavy masonry coatings. Fast and cost effective, Blastrax Industrial Painting Contractors Graco

Applications are, painting ships and boat hulls, spray painting bridges, steelwork for the construction Industry. Coating warehouses and home painting,


Sandblasting Brick and Stone There are various methods ofbrick cleaning, stone cleaning or removing paint and old coatings from walls and buildings. We have many methods, to determine the most suitable we always carry out a test clean to ensure best cleaning results and no damage. Building cleaning carried out by experienced operatives using the correct abrasive, techniques and pressures can be very effective. We have restored many old buildings, with outstanding results and no two jobs are the same, each new surface to be cleaned needs to be tested to find the right solutions so that achieving the desired result does not damage the surface. The use of water, wet blasting with the abrasive offers an environmentally friendly alternative but with the same impressive results. Cleaning brick to the original look can substantially increase the value of your home or building.

Soda Blasting is an alternative to sandblasting whencleaning brick or cleaning stone A specially formulated sodium bicarbonate medium is directed onto the surface at high pressure. No abrasive damage to the substrate, non toxic and the soda blast medium dissolves in water leaving only the residue from the cleaned brick surface. Blast Cleaning with Soda is especially effective when Soda Blasting Boats or stripping paint from car bodies.

Dry Ice Blasting CO2 is similar in operation tosandblasting but has benefits when cleaning brick & stonework. Dry ice will not damage the surface because the cleaning media is made of CO2 which has little or no abrasion. C02 is converted into ice pellets which is then used as the blasting media and fired at the surface to be cleaned. As the pellets hit the surface at a high velocity they revert back to a gaseous state (sublimate) and literally ‘vanish into thin air’ leaving nothing to pollute the surrounding atmosphere and no mess to contaminate or clear away. The only residue will be the material removed from the surface being cleaned. No Mess No Pollution No Problem

Stonehealth DOFF System

DOFF is a steam based stone cleaning system. It’s unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures 150°C at the nozzle end. The operator is able to vary the temperature and pressure to remove either many types of paint or biological matter.

What can DOFF be used for?

The steam/superheated water will remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores. This means there’s then no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological activity.

How does it work?

DOFF cleans stonework and masonry using high temperature steam. When the temperature in the system is high the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low. The surface is therefore not saturated and will be dry within minutes.

Removing Antifouling – Boat paint Stripping

Stripping paint or antifouling from a boat’s gelcoat can be a difficult and time consuming task when carrying out boat repairs. Fibreglass boat repairs with hand or power tools to remove anti fouling and paint can lead to damage to thegelcoat with an inconsistent substrate.

We can provide a Fast, Safe and Cost Effective Alternative to antifouling or paint removal or stripping. We can remove antifoul or previous paint coatings with a very kind soda blasting process. Removing marine paints and antifouling from fibreglass boats is an environmentally friendly method of blast cleaning carried out by highly trained operatives. Sand blasting is too harsh and the blasting equipment not able to carry out boat paint stripping with the correct micro -blast media. The soda blasting process is designed to remove paint, antifoul, and all previous coating by stripping away without damage.

There is no harmful waste thrown into the atmosphere so the surrounding work area is safe for others to carry on their own boat repairs.

The soft clean system is suitable for removing yacht varnishand stain from soft wood without any surface damage in preparation for re-coating with boat varnish or paint.

Steel or Wooden boat Hulls present no problem for our specialist abrasive blast equipment, cleaning or paint stripping, rust removal can all be achieved ready for marine painting.